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Hot Topics - Hot Links

Current Events:

Turtlewishes, hosted by TMNT-FAN-GROUP and TurtleWishes


2k12 Season 5 Episode List
- regularly updated episode information

IDW Comics
- A guide on how to get them/where to read them

The Turtle Spotlight


What key feature when it comes to a fan fiction, on first glance, make you want to read it? 

50 deviants said The summary in the description.
26 deviants said The cover art!
24 deviants said The summary at the top of the story is what I see first.
10 deviants said The title.
10 deviants said The description on what universe its based on.
9 deviants said What rating it is and if it has Tcest or not.
8 deviants said Other? (What else could there be?)
4 deviants said The writer's name!!!

Gallery Folders

TMNT_anatomy? by Leimrei
Rafael (TMNT) by Pax77Vibiscum7Astras
TMNT by Pax77Vibiscum7Astras
Leo vs the Smelly Feet Ninjas by suitboxers
Submission folder
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by C4L
TMNT_Image_WD_pg 7 by Leimrei
The turtles
TMNT Screenshot Redraw: Idk by Domolishious
Do it yourself by ChiiChii97
pixel weeb beans by angry-aries
Raph Sketchy by KampieStarz
Ninjara by fearlarsen
Day 4 - The current or last comic that I read by Malidunn
Alopex by spazimoto
Loosen Linen Loosen End by Ballistic-Cottontail
TMNT 2012 - Xever Montes by Prowlgirl
Bebop by IanJMiller
If I leave my grin behind remind me by myrza289
Bebop and Rocksteady by Holissa
Group Pictures
[FANART] The Power Of Two - Mind Powers by tamalero
time to kick some BUTT by angry-aries
Family by onegiman
My Son by ALStanford
Canon x Canon
Dating the Shinigami by tamersworld
Sessions of Passion ShredderxKrang by LacrimosaInferna
cha cha real smooth by angry-aries
Apritello! by Bricus27
OC and FR
.:Just The Way You Are:. by DragonsLou
TMNT: IGISS by EthanTavitas
Kaddy clothes meme~ by kelly-drawsalot
Cocidius by ITODrawings
Canon x OC
TMNT 2012: Tale as Old as Time by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
sorry my fault.. by PastellTurtle
you know you like it by PastellTurtle
In the morning... by PastellTurtle
Mutant Berserkers by Dreven
Kiriban Gift: Donatello Dragon. by cRANKYPAWs
everyone loves a bad boy by kelly-drawsalot
Cross playing by Ryu-Amio
Icons and animations
mikey wiggly icon...... by pongwons
Mikey by sampsonknight
Fan Fictions
Donnie by sampsonknight
Mature Folder
Raph by sampsonknight
sketched and line art
Comparison by Emaberry
TMNT Four leaf clover by CatByrne



pizza chef

pizza baker

pizza deliverer



Submission Guide


Submission Folder: You can only submit to this folder, all submissions go in here first. The Admins will then further sort them into the correct folders.

➤ Submissions must be related to TMNT. They can be any media and any style (e.g. pencil, digital, photography, collage…).

➤ To check if your deviation fits into the group and what kind of art and fiction we accept, please take a look at the Folder Descriptions.


➤ No skribbles/sketches on lined paper or the likes. Artwork need to look clean.

➤ No screenshots/altered screenshots. No photo manipulations.

➤ No duplicates. Please do not submit sketches, lineart, and colored versions of the same artwork.

➤ No journals and rants of any kind

➤ No submissions for the selling of OCs or Adoptables.

➤ OC submissions must include either a canon TMNT character or have it clearly shown in the description that the OC is a TMNT OC.


➤ Can be written in any language.

➤ No RP-Chat style or theater script. Fiction should be written in Prose. Lyric may be accepted in special cases.


➤ Only advertisements of TMNT-related contests and fandom-events.

Request affiliation

➤ The group needs a minimum of 25 members OR watchers

➤ The group needs to be related to TMNT

➤ The group needs to exist at least one month

➤ It needs to be an active group

➤ In most cases, we do not accept affiliations from groups that are based on a OC

A Quick Guide to the Gallery-Folders

This folder will showcase a few pieces of our collection.
It may also be used to feature different deviants that are an active part of the TMNT-Fandom and contribute regularly.

Submission Folder
This is the place to submit your deviations to.
When your submission is accepted, the Admins will sort them into the fitting Gallery-Folder

The Turtles
Turtles, turtles, turtles, only turtles.
Artwork showing one or more of the four turtle-brothers can be found in here.
The brothers don’t have to be turtles but can also be, for example in humanoid or demon form.

Friends and allies, alone or together with the turtles.
Pictures of April, Casey, Master Splinter, etc. can be found in here.

Villains and foes, alone or together with the turtles.
Pictures of Shredder, Kraang, Baxter Stockman, etc. can be found in here.

Your Original Characters / Fan Characters for the TMNT-Universe can be found in here.
OC x OC couples will get sorted in here too.
This is a safe zone, no mature content.

Canon x Canon
All pairings between canon characters - sweet moments, longing stares and cuddles!
Don x April, Raph x Casey, Mike x Renet, etc.  can be found in this folder.
This is a safe zone, no mature content or t-cest.

Canon x OC
All pairings of canon characters with original/fan characters - sweet moments, longing stares and cuddles!
This is a safe zone, no mature content.

Comics, Covers and Pages based on the TMNT-Universe.
This is a safe zone, no mature content or t-cest.

The TMNT-Universe mingled together with another Universe.
For Example, Crossovers between TMNT and Ghostbusters, or TMNT and My little Pony.

Icon and Animation
Icons, Animations, Pixelart and Stamps.
Animations created from material of any TMNT-show are not allowed.

Fan Fiction
Stories everywhere! Fictions about the TMNT-Universe.
This is a safe zone, no mature content or t-cest.

Contest information
Looking for a TMNT-Themed Contest to join? Thinking about organizing one yourself?
Browse through this folder to find information about current (and past) contests and various fandom-events.

Mature Folder
Everything Mature will be sorted out into this folder. This folder contains nudity, sex and violence/gore.
There will be separate subfolders, for example for t-cest, violence/gore.

Tutorials, Trivia, Meta, everything that does not fit into any of the other Folders.

© MomoRawrr
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